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[ USA ] ALS documentary is now a 5-star whirlwind on Amazon Prime

In 2017, when his second daughter was just born, Brian Wallach was diagnosed with ALS at the young age of 37 and given six months to live. Instead of spending his days in despair and unable to get up, he and his wife founded the non-profit organisation ‘I am ALS’. Shortly afterwards, they founded Synapticure, a telemedicine service company that provides care for ALS and Parkinson’s patients. The documentary 2022 follows the couple’s days of campaigning for better policies around ALS and research funding, with a strong spirit and a deep love for the disease. The documentary is titled For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign. The documentary is now streaming on Amazon Prime and has caused quite a stir across the country, with researchers in the field of ALS noting that Brian and Sandra have revolutionised the world of ALS. Below is an Instagram comment from former President Obama, who knows them well.

The documentary has won many film awards.

Reported by Nobuko Schlough on June 5, 2024

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