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[ Netherlands ] ALS on the road

This time we report from the Netherlands. The foundation mainly donates and leases mobility aids (vehicles that allow families to travel together), motor cycles, and indoor/outdoor power wheelchairs for people with ALS, PSMA, and PLS and their families, and communicates regularly with users to optimize the tools. The Foundation’s activities include the creation of a website with users’ opinions. Part of the activities also includes a forum where users can incorporate their opinions into the site and share them with other patients. Let’s take a look at some of the useful modifications and power chairs that are featured on the site to make it easier to move around indoors and out.

Example 1 : Short-term lease of a modified car, daily rental is 50 euros (approx. 6800 yen – as of August 2022). 250 euros (approx. 34,000 yen) per month for a maximum lease term of 2 years. The car is also equipped with an electric wheelchair lift. The wheelchair can be secured and the seatbelt can be worn as it is.

Example 2 : Triple chair (easy chair for indoor mobility). The user sits in the chair and moves it around by moving it with their feet. Motorized height adjustment, braking, and tilt function for the seating area. Control buttons can be placed on the left or right side, whichever you prefer.

Example 3 : ZOOM (4-wheel drive) Zoom Abilities, Sweden All-terrain electric wheelchair. This allows you to be with your family on the beach or in the mountains. Available for lease or private purchase in the Netherlands.

(Reference) ALS op de weg ( and ALS Netherlands Foundation (ALS Netherlands, have granted permission for the publication of this article and photos.

Reported by Yukari Hakansson on Aug. 2022

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