Activities and Notices

The 1st ALS Symposium was held

On November 26, 2022, the first ALS Symposium was held at Zushi Church, The United Church of Christ in Japan. We believed that sharing basic knowledge about the disease with the general public was the first step in supporting patients and their families. And this believe was our motivation for the Symposium. 

The speakers were Dr. Takahiro Takeda of Chiba Higashi Hospital, as well as Ms. Yoriko Takeuchi who cared for a family with ALS, and they gave substantial presentations. In addition to the approximately 40 participants who came to the event despite the stormy weather, the event was viewed over 200 times remotely, and we were again humbled by the level of interest in this issue.

We hope to continue to provide more opportunities for in-person and remote symposiums and lectures to expand the understanding of ALS and in-home care.

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