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Crowdfunding “Bringing Patients with Intractable Diseases to Town!”

Hello everyone.
I’m Ichiro Hatanaka, Founder and Managing Director at Future of Humanity Institute. The Institute was officially launched in August 2022. Since then, we have been striving to support patients with intractable diseases and their families. Many who share our vision help us in our journey. And now, as an ALS patient myself and as an institute that supports patients, I feel an urge to initiate an “Electric Wheelchair Rental Support Project”. Hence, I have decided to do crowdfunding.

It may be a beautiful time of the year. It may be a strong desire of any patient with intractable diseases to go outside. Yet, they hesitate to do so, because they feel sorry for being bothered by their caregivers. That is due to the fact that their surroundings are not barrier-free. But if only they had an electric wheelchair, it could be a solution.

I myself have a leg problem and am just now beginning to use a wheelchair. I am discovering various advantages of the electric wheelchair each day. I want many patients, too, to get out and open their hearts. Please join us to encourage that desire and to improve the environment. In the process, there shall be hints to help those who have difficulty walking due to old age or illness.

Please visit our project page for more details. We look forward to your support and cooperation.
Crowdfunding “Bringing Patients with Intractable Diseases to Town!”
Period: from 10:00am Tuesday February 7 to 11:00pm Sunday March 19, 2023

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