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[ UK ] A New Type of Neural Implant Repairs Connections Between the Brain and Paralyzed Limbs: An Experimental Animal Study  - Bio-hybrid devices

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England announce that they have developed a new type of nerve implant that can restore function to limbs of people suffering from paralysis and other motor impairments.
Combining stem cells and bioelectronics in a single electronic device allows the implant to be more sensitive because the body does not recognize the electrodes and does not damage the tissue. Previous failures have been caused by scar tissue that forms around the electrode, which interferes with signal flow. The company says it has achieved an improvement in this area.
Combining stem cells with bioelectronic materials could open up new possibilities for artificial limbs, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), and even cognitive enhancement by allowing the brain to communicate in a natural way, according to the researchers.
The report is on the progress of research through animal experiments, but hopes to shorten the time line to a human application.

Reported by Yukari Hakansson on Mar 31, 2023

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